Tuesday, 2nd Nov - Wednesday, 2nd Nov


For those traveling to Australia internationally, it’s a long and rather expensive expedition. The cost of the airplane ticket alone is hard to come to terms with. But of course, once you land on the great island continent, you don’t think for a second what it cost you. You embrace the endless coastline of beaches, the strange and interesting creatures, the pub & music culture and everything that comes along with it.

The budget traveler does however, have to take into consideration their accommodation options. Hotels can be very expensive, especially in peak seasons. Luckily, budget accommodation in Melbourne is not hard to come by. There are a range of great hostels which cater to the budget traveler. Depending on the location in which you wish to be, you can be in the heart of the city, amongst the hustle and bustle of business men, students and party-goers, or in the classy suburb of South Yarra where you can wander passed the coffee sipping locals and browse in the boutique shops. There’s also St Kilda, which is one of Melbourne’s great tourist highlights.

St Kilda is a bustling area, full of life and colour. It’s centre piece is the giant smiling mouth of Luna Park – where you can ride the rollercoaster called the ‘Scenic Railway’, from which you get a birds eye view of Port Philip Bay. St Kilda is filled with great nightlife and restaurants catering to the budget traveler and fine diners alike. It’s just a quick tram ride into the Central Business District along beautiful St Kilda Road, a wide avenue adorned by trees.

St Kilda boasts some of the best budget accommodation in Melbourne. Habitat HQ is located on St Kilda Road, allowing guests to move around the city with great ease. Just a few minutes walk down the road are character filled pubs and clubs who cater specifically for the budget traveler and backpacker scene. It’s a not to be missed part of Melbourne, so why not fully immerse yourself in this vibrant part of town and make it your chosen accommodation destination. And in summer in Melbourne, there is no better place to stay than St Kilda.