Thursday, 25th Nov - Friday, 25th Nov

The main appeal of budget accommodation in Melbourne is the budget element. It is easy to spend over $150 a night on hotel accommodation, but that means you have to sacrifice other great things you want to do on your travels. It’s a shame to make your way to your chosen destination, and then be restricted as to what you can do because your accommodation has taken most of your budget. That’s why hostels make a great option for the budget traveler.

The nightly rate for budget accommodation in Melbourne ranges from around $25 - $35 per night. Clearly, this enables you to have a lot more flexibility with your entertainment options in comparison to the rates of hotels. If you are not planning to spend a large amount of your travel time sleeping or lazing around in your room, then there is no need to be spending large sums of money.

Hostel accommodation isn’t necessarily suited to every traveler. However, if you are a budget minded tourist, who wants to get the most out of their destination, and doesn’t mind sharing a room with others, then this is your best option. If your goal is to seek new adventures, see new places, and meet other great people and you don’t need luxurious accommodation, then hostels will give you the flexibility to put into your experiences rather than investing in your bed. Melbourne has amazing options for budget accommodation, check out the Habitat HQ website for a great place to stay with out the big price tag!