Thursday, 25th Nov - Sunday, 25th Dec

In the past, hostels had age restrictions for guests. Generally they were around the upper age limit of 26 and lower at 16. This meant that families with their potential noise issues and any extra requirements were not welcome. Thankfully, those days are gone and many hostels in Melbourne do not have age restrictions, allowing a free flow of all ages staying in this form of accommodation. With the increasing in costs of hotels, many families find that hostels are a great way of getting the family out and about to travel without breaking the bank.

If you used to travel as a backpacker, you already know what a great experience it is. Imagine what a more interesting experience your children would have meeting other travelers and their children. A family friendly hostel is the best way of doing so.

Basic and friendly are the two best qualities in a family friendly hostel in Melbourne. Features such as a shared kitchen will give you the option to cook for your family, as eating out every night can be costly and frustrating with kids. Many hostels also include a free breakfast, which is another great way to save money and keep the kids happy. They will love sitting next to a fellow traveler and whilst enjoying a bowl of cornflakes!

Many hostels these days have TV or DVD rooms which can be great to keep the kids entertaining on a rainy day. There are often a great selection of games to play as well. This will encourage your children to spend time interacting with other travelers and enjoying themselves at the same time!

Most kids love sleeping in a bunk bed, so there will be no issues of working out who’s sleeping on the top!