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Habitat HQ staff love to contribute to the events program and reduce their carbon footprint, and encourage our guests to get local. Volunteer work is great on your resume & personally satisfying by contributing to preserving our environment.


Habitat HQ has a strong relationship with Conservation Volunteer Australia (CVA) and our Events Guru supports local conservation work to care for the local eco systems & the wildlife living within them.

Monthly, Habitat HQ musters guests wanting to volunteer for 1 day to support the 'Habitat Bandicoot Recovery Project'. Organised for you, CVA do a pick up & drop off straight to Habitat HQ's door and the day is more like a fun free 1 day tour set in bushland on the outskirts of the city. Spotting wallaby's, bird life & enjoying lunch in the bush setting means the couple of hours hands on work you do is very paced & by no means hard. Our staff loved it & our volunteers rave about it.

You can learn more about the 1 day volunteer program at our Event Guru's Habitat Hibernation event. Your support for this Eastern Barred bandicoot recovery project is very much appreciated. The Eastern Barred bandicoot is a species on the brink of extinction & the CVA project is regenerating a natural breeding environment which is essential for its survival.

Expert CVA project managers & environmental experts brief & educate you on the Eastern Barred bandicoot Recovery Process, walking you through the natural habitat explaining the importance of regeneration, weeding requirements, sustainability & the challenges of the bandicoot's survival in regards to preying domestic animals. Just a handful of these animals remain in wild populations and it is only through re-establishing areas of natural bandicoot habitat that will ensure the Eastern Barred bandicoot a long term survival. CVA rely on volunteers to provide invaluable funding and assistance to make this happen.

Check out our staff & guests volunteering on our Facebook to see the fun & satisfaction our guests have on the 1 day volunteer program.

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