Thursday, 25th Nov - Sunday, 25th Dec

Budget travelers can save more money by reducing their accommodation costs and looking into the great options for backpacker accommodation in Melbourne. When you’re on a tight budget as a backpacker, every little dollar makes a difference. Backpacker’s accommodation have many advantages for the budget traveler. There are some things you can be willing to cut back on, but the place where you rest at the end of a big day of traveling doesn’t have to be one of them.

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits of backpacker accommodation is the affordable pricing. You can save huge amounts of money by sharing a dorm room with other travelers. They have been specifically set up to cater for the backpacking traveler, so there are many benefits to staying in such accommodation. Luckily, thanks to the vast popularity of backpacking, hostels can be situated in the best locations in the city.

Backpackers accommodation in Melbourne have rapidly improved their standards to meet the rising standards of hostels worldwide. These days, there are decent choices of accommodation within the hostel environment. Whilst dormitories and share facilities still remain the most common form of hostel living, private rooms are becoming more commonplace too.

This option will not only allow you to enjoy affordability and privacy in a more intimate atmosphere, you will also have the opportunity to interact with other travelers from around the globe. Many backpacker accommodations in Melbourne have a large range of amenities which can include, dining areas, group kitchen facilities, laundry rooms and generally now most have wireless internet connections.

When choosing which backpacker in Melbourne that you will stay at, consider what extras are included such as free breakfast, free wireless internet, free walking tours and free entertainment at night. Having free inclusions will save you a heap of money.