Tuesday, 24th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

Honeymoons, long holidays and trips with the family are often very difficult to organise in advance, what with people changing their minds at the last minute or circumstances changing beyond your control.

Remember though, it is always cheapest to book in advance and is always great to excitedly anticipate the start of a holiday. One of the most important things on a holiday is the accommodation. It is always nice to be well catered for and not have to worry about having a comfortable place to relax.

Booking a luxury hotel can be an expensive process, but it can be worth every penny if you are looking to splurge. At the other end of the scale, young people, looking to get away as a group don’t have those options. While there are plenty of luxury options, major cities, including Melbourne, and smaller towns all offer budget hostel accommodation or backpacker’s accommodation as well.

The prospect of a staying in a Melbourne hostel might not sound like a pleasant option, especially if you are sharing with people you do not know. People assume that they are not the safest option and that service can be slow, but rest assured, backpacker’s hostels are improving and budget hostel accommodation is not what it once was. Budget hostels in Melbourne are among the highest quality and cater for all budgets.

Even still, you get what you pay for. The service in budget hostel accommodation does not compare to luxury accommodation. Luxury hotels are equipped with excellent security systems and front-of-house reception. The rooms are, in many cases, magnificent, with daily service, and the option of breakfast is usually included.

Unlike budget hostel accommodation though, guests at luxury hotels will pay through the roof for dining, restaurant service and bar service. Those who choose to eat from the hotel bar will most likely be charged an extortionate amount for only a small packet of peanuts to nibble on!

And if you feel like you will be missing out on the nightlife by staying in a Melbourne backpackers hostel, think again. Many Melbourne hostels offer extra services, such as a bar or nightly activities. Most of the best hostels in Melbourne offer the freedom to come in and out of the building at any hour.

Budget hostel accommodation is good for students and young people who are not interested or fussed about where they stay and would rather spend their time exploring, partying or bar hopping! A luxury hotel allows guests to stay in and enjoy some of their services such as an in-house spa, swimming pool, gym or television entertainment. There are also advantages of a creche within the hotel or a separate kid's activity area.

Although this is beginning to change, in general, budget hostel accommodation and backpackers in Melbourne do not usually cater for people holidaying with young children. Rather the strength of backpacker accommodation in Melbourne is in providing shelter for young people, or the young at heart, looking to enjoy a short break away that is as affordable as possible.