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Hostels have been around in one form or another for a long time. For various reasons, they have changed and adapted to the times, and now you can find backpackers hostels in Melbourne, which seem like hotels! In their original format, some hostels required guests to assist with chores and maintenance in exchange for discount accommodation rates, but these days it's is a far simpler process.

Staying in a backpackers hostel in Melbourne allows you to rent a bed instead of a room, sharing the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Some hostels do however, have the option of your own private room, but this will come at an increased rate, though you will find that this will still remain less expensive than a low budget hotel. Habitat HQ offers private ensuite rooms with queen size beds or twin rooms in this accommodation category. Dorm rooms have shared bathroom facilities or there is the option of a six bed dorm room with an ensuite.

Though you have less privacy in a youth hostel, there are many benefits, especially for backpackers and lone travelers. Hostels are a great place to meet people and socialise. Often backpacker accommodation will include a breakfast in a communal eating area. This is a great opportunity to meet other travelers and get advice on what’s what and where to go. Everyone can open a guide book and travel the beaten path, but it’s always more exciting to find out the less touristic route, so having other travelers to interact with allows a free exchange of information.

So, Is A Hostel For You? If you like mingling with travelers from around the world, a Melbourne hostel is a good option. You’re never alone in a hostel, which can also be problematic for some. You do have to sacrifice your personal space and quiet time, but you can always wander off into the city you are exploring and find yourself some time away. Hotels can be isolating, when it’s just you, your bed and a new city it's nice to be able to share your story with someone at the end of the day, even if it’s a stranger!