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One of the great things about budget hostel accommodation is the cheap rates. It is useful to be able to compare room rates at a number of hostels in your preferred destination. Backpacking can be a wonderful experience, allowing you to get a lot more out of your dollar. Book a room in a hostel today, so that you are not roomless on your arrival.

People from all walks of life and every corner of the world stay in hostels. Backpacker Hostels are very affordable, and not only provide a great accommodation option, they’re a great place for planning tours and further travel. Hostel staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, so don’t hesitate to make full use of their services. Many hostels offer a wide range of activities – from city tours to adventure activities. Habitat HQ has free walking tours every week to help familiarise you with St Kilda and Melbourne.

A few great tips:

Always carry your student or youth card because you may be able to get a discount. Make sure you take advantage of any discounts available to you! Part of backpacking is getting more out of every dollar.

Travel in comfort - Bring a pillow with you for those long bus journeys. A blow up pillow is a good option as it can be deflated and stored in your backpack without taking up much space at all!

Toiletries such as Shampoo, deodorant, sun cream etc are very heavy and bulky. They can take up precious space and weight in your backpack. The best way is to buy small bottles on your arrival. Some hostels will have these items available for purchase in their reception area.

Something to be aware of is, some budget hostel accommodation have lockout time or out of room time during the morning to afternoon – this gives the operators a chance to have the rooms cleaned, and keep you happy. Make sure you find out when this is, as well as what time check out is. You don’t want to find yourself charged for a nights accommodation that you weren’t intending on.

Hostels will offer lockers, either free of charge or for hire so that people staying in dormitories can lock up their valuables. It is a good idea to utilise this facility as there are so many people coming in and out of hostels on a daily basis, that things can easily go missing.

We’ve all sure you've heard stories about luggage being lost for days, so in case this happens to you, keep a spare change of clothes and any medical supplies in your hand luggage. This way you will avoid any extra costs of purchasing clothes for the mean time whilst you wait for your bags to arrive.

Planning that seems so trivial at home can become complicated when you are in a strange place. Today, many hostels are not unlike budget hotels where the only significant difference is the price – so do your research before you arrive, and make your hostel experience even easier.