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Some people want to visit New York City, but end up spending a lot of money in the process of "living it up". The smart traveller will look for the best budget hostel accommodation New York City provides so that they can use their trip money on more important things.

New York City has countless accommodation options to choose from with a wide range of prices per night. Unfortunately, even a discounted hotel in the Big Apple can cost more than $100 per night. For travellers on a budget, it can be very frustrating to see the majority of your hard-earned money spent on an airfare and lodging, especially when you’d rather spend it seeing the city’s sights and tasting its nightlife.

Fortunately, most large cities around the world, including New York City, harbour a little-known secret that will help you find a fantastic way to save money on your trip to the Big Apple. This secret is the budget accommodation provided by backpacker’s hostel; and it is hands-down the best discount New York City has for its visitors.

A backpacker’s hostel is budget accommodation that usually caters for a fun, easy-going crowd. A good description is a cross between a bed & breakfast and a dormitory. Most hostels offer dormitory-style rooms, as well as private rooms. Here is one of the reasons why this the most affordable discount hotel New York City offers: the dorm-style rooms are cheap! Some go for as low as $15 per night.

Even private rooms in budget hostel accommodation is much less expensive than a hotel room. Some start as low as $60 per night, much better than a regular discount hotel in New York.

Budget hostel accommodation is, to be honest, your best option because few New York tourists spend much time in their hotel rooms. Most sleep, shower and change clothes in order to go out again and see all the sites the city has to offer.

If this is you, then think of how much money you will have saved and can then spend out on the town or in other places.

Budget hostel accommodation is a clean and safe alternative to an expensive hotel. Almost all will provide you with clean linen and towels, sometimes at a small cost, and some even offer a complimentary breakfast. Most backpacker’s hostels have air conditioning, complimentary luggage storage available, no curfews and 24 hour reception. Some have key card access and car parking, while all budget hostel accommodation options will be able to provide travel information and advice.

Unlike hotels, budget hostel accommodation often provides guests with a group kitchen and/or laundry facility. In addition, most are now offering all-day, in-house internet access.

It will be hard to tell the difference between the top-notch backpacker’s hostels and some hotels. Selected budget accommodation options offer rooms with a private bathroom, concierge services and access to a pool and gym.

One drawback with backpacker’s accommodation is that many offer accommodation only to those over 18 years of age. Some allow 16-year-olds, but there are few hostels that are child-friendly. However it is worth looking around, for example, Hostelling International New York is a child-friendly place.

Location is everything when it comes to booking your budget hostel accommodation. There are numerous options for backpacker’s hostels in the metropolitan New York area, and they can be found in every one of the city’s borough. As with most types of accommodation, the location of your backpacker’s hostel will come into play when discussing price per night.

Some are located in renovated townhomes in the city, some are located in YMCAs, and some are cozy guesthouses. Some are in residential areas, while some are positioned in the centre of the action in the Big Apple.

One of the most famous New York hostels, yes hostel, is the Chelsea Star Hotel. It happens to have been Madonna's home in the 80's. They have a Madonna themed room, among others. The dormitory beds are about $20 USD per night and it located close to Madison Square Garden.

There are dozens of different budget accommodation options in New York City and you can book them ahead of time on the internet or over the phone. For the price, convenience and service, a backpacker’s hostel is truly the best discount New York City affords its guests.