Thursday, 25th Nov - Sunday, 25th Dec

Why would you settle for anything less than the best? When you are looking into a great trip to Melbourne, and you’re on a bit of a budget, there’s no need to sell yourself short. Melbourne is a great city with so much to offer the budget traveler. It’s a city that is alive with entertainment and culture, which is often free! For a great location to be able to access so much of this fine town, you needn’t look passed St Kilda. It’s on the beach, with many tourist attractions and is very backpacker friendly.

Best of all, right in the heart of St Kilda is the best hostel in Melbourne – Habitat HQ. We’re not just singing our own praises, it’s official! Habitat HQ has received the Victorian Tourism Award as well as the Golden Backpack Awards for Best backpacker in Melbourne. These are prestigious awards, and we are very pleased to have been given the titles.

If these great awards aren’t enough to convince you of what a great place Habitat HQ is, simply go to our reviews and see what Lonely Planet and many happy backpackers have said about staying at Habitat HQ. Aside from third party recommendations, a friend’s referral is the best and most trusted. Speak to other people you know about where they stayed in Melbourne and their experiences. This way you can be sent in the right direction for your specific travel desires. Just remember, if the best is on offer, that’s where you should be! Habitat HQ, the best hostel in Melbourne!