Habitat HQ supports conservation volunteers Victoria



At Habitat HQ we believe in being ‘green’ & have now been awarded an official GREEN Star rating from AAA Tourism. We are a CARBON NEUTRAL and environmentally sustainable business! We’re committed to finding out how we can make a positive impact on YOU and less of an impact on the environment.

We take pride in being a sustainable business & in our participation on a local level as a working part of the global community.

We have used EarthCheck to assess our carbon footprint and how we measure up. We are already better than 'Best Practice' on energy consumption and water use per guest night, and at or better than 'Baseline' on Greenhouse Gas emissions. We are currently focussed on reducing our waste to landfill to achieve EarthCheck certification.

Carbon Footprint
Energy Efficiency
Waste Management
Water Conservation
Eco Friendly Travel Tips


Our guests are not adding to their carbon footprint when they stay at Habitat HQ. The accommodation at Habitat HQ is CARBON NEUTRAL. We have minimised our carbon footprint, and offset the balance of our carbon output through the purchase of carbon offsets from certified programs.

The integrity of the Carbon Offsets that we purchase is assured through the certification by VCS and our offsets are retired through international registries.

Our GREEN stand in our lounge tells EVERYONE of our changes, ideas and goals for the future.

As a guest at Habitat HQ we invite you to join in our green approach & to honour our suggested daily practices for the preservation of our local habitat. Our policies are practically based but we hope to provoke an increased awareness of a ‘green’ consciousness. We are learning all the time & hope our ‘Green Committee’ will keep evolving & re-evaluating. Any suggestions from our guests is always welcome.

Most facilities and the local entertainment establishments are all within walking distance, but when venturing further afield we encourage our guests to use the public transport that is easily accessible right in front of our property.


Habitat HQ has a strong relationship with Conservation Volunteer Australia (CVA) and our Events Guru supports local conservation work to care for the local eco systems & the wildlife living within them. Monthly, Habitat HQ musters guests wanting to volunteer for 1 day to support the 'Habitat Bandicoot Recovery Project'. Organised for you, CVA do a pick up & drop off straight to Habitat HQ's door and the day is more like a fun free 1 day tour set in bushland on the outskirts of the city. Spotting wallaby's, bird life & enjoying lunch in the bush setting means the couple of hours hands on work you do is very paced & by no means hard. Our staff loved it & our volunteers rave about it.

You can learn more about the 1 day volunteer program at our Event Guru's Habitat Hibernation event. Your support for this Eastern Barred bandicoot recovery project is very much appreciated. The Eastern Barred bandicoot is a species on the brink of extinction & the CVA project is regenerating a natural breeding environment which is essential for its survival.

Expert CVA project managers & environmental experts brief & educate you on the Eastern Barred bandicoot Recovery Process, walking you through the natural habitat explaining the importance of regeneration, weeding requirements, sustainability & the challenges of the bandicoot's survival in regards to preying domestic animals. Just a handful of these animals remain in wild populations and it is only through re-establishing areas of natural bandicoot habitat that will ensure the Eastern Barred bandicoot a long term survival. CVA rely on volunteers to provide invaluable funding and assistance to make this happen.

Check out our staff & guests volunteering on our Facebook to see the fun & satisfaction our guests have on the 1 day volunteer program.

Habitat HQ will be carbon neutral by 2015. We support Thank You Water


Carbon Footprint

  • Our guests are able to enjoy a ‘guilt free’ CARBON NEUTRAL stay at Habitat HQ
  • Each year we adopt new technologies and opportunities to reduce our consumption of resources
  • We offset the balance of carbon footprint through the purchase of verified carbon offsets
  • Our Green Committee meets regularly to further our environmental credentials

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy consumption per guest-night is better than EarthCheck ‘best practice’
  • Greenhouse Gas emissions per guest-night are better than EarthCheck baseline standards and we are aiming to achieve ‘best practise’ in 2012
  • In 2011/12 we purchased 25% GreenPower electricity generated from renewable resources
  • In 2012/13 we increased our GreenPower to 40% of our electricity
  • Guest room thermostats have range limits so rooms cannot be overheated or cooled
  • Guest rooms have opening windows for natural ventilation & fresh air
  • All lights that burn continuously have energy efficient bulbs
  • Lights in staircases & outside are controlled with sunset controllers
  • Fluorescent tubes have been upgraded to more energy efficient T5’s
  • LED bunk bed lights
  • We monitor our electricity, gas and water usage
  • We have a turn off policy for appliances that are not in use
  • Gas driven hot water systems, stove top & fireplace
  • Guests can use our clothes lines to dry washing instead of clothes dryers
  • Refrigerator seals, door seals and all equipment are regularly checked & maintained

Waste Management

  • We continue to reduce our waste and are aiming to achieve EarthCheck ‘baseline' standards in 2012
  • Recycling bins in the kitchen, lounge and all accommodation rooms
  • Double sided printing
  • We reuse office paper where practical
  • We reduce packaging & freight by buying bulk
  • Old computers are recycled through eWaste services

Water conservation

  • Water consumption per guest-night is better than EarthCheck ‘best practice’ standards
  • Half flush/full flush toilet cisterns
  • Flow reducers on shower heads
  • Egg Timers in showers to encourage less than a 4 minute shower
  • Low flow basin outlets
  • Plugs available in kitchen sinks
  • Regular maintenance of all equipment
  • Any water leaks or drips are promptly repaired (please report dripping taps or missing plugs to reception).


Habitat HQ now stocks this brand as one bottle of Thankyou Water is enough to provide clean drinking water to one person for at least one month in the developing world. Thankyou Water is a new brand of bottled water using 100% of its profits to fund water projects in developing nations across Africa and South East Asia. The Melbourne based team behind Thankyou Water say “Thankyou Water exists to bring a collision between two extremes, the world water crisis and Australia’s $600 million bottled water industry.”

35 Eco Friendly Travel Tips

  • Switch off the air conditioning when not required
  • Whenever you can, open the window to adjust the temperature in the room
  • If you must use the Air Conditioner or heater, use the minimum
  • Walk or cycle
  • Use public transport instead of a motor car
  • Use the shuttle bus to get to and from the airport instead of a taxi
  • Don’t buy plastic or junk souvenirs that you will not keep
  • Avoid plastic bags - use reusable bags for your supermarket shopping
  • Use our swap library to recycle your books
  • Switch off the light when not required
  • Try turning off your phone and ipad every second day
  • Turn off the TV if no one is watching it
  • Unplug your chargers when they are not in use
  • Fill up a clothes washing machine – share the machine with another traveller
  • Use the clothesline to dry your clothes and not the clothes dryer
  • Wash your clothes in biodegradable low phosphate laundry detergent
  • Water is scarce in Melbourne limit your shower to 3 minutes
  • Don’t wash your towel until it really needs it
  • Don’t leave the tap running when you are cleaning your teeth
  • Buy fresh local produce and not imported foods
  • Drink local beers and not imported beers
  • Reduce your cooking by sharing meals with other travellers
  • Don’t eat out every meal
  • Only take maps that you will really need
  • Don’t collect brochures, simply read them and then return them to the display rack
  • Pass unwanted brochures, maps and travel books on to other travellers
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Spend a day volunteering with CVA
  • Do not spend your whole trip in hotels and backpackers – go camping in the bush
  • When in a sensitive ecological area stay on the main trail
  • Travel lighter
  • If you can’t find carbon neutral accommodation, purchase carbon offsets
  • Buy carbon offsets to offset the emissions from your flights