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Tuesday, 28th Feb - Saturday, 31st Mar

The term flashpacker is only a few years old, and it refers to a new generation of backpackers who like a little more luxury than the average backpacking stereotype. These flashpacking folks are mostly of the middle class, and travel with laptops, iPhones and expensive digital cameras. Melbourne’s best backpackers hostel likes to call them Digital Nomads.

Flashpackers seem to ‘flash’ more money around than the original backpacker, and tend to stick within their comfort zone when travelling. They prefer to take the tourist bus with air-conditioning, and stay at the ‘boutique’ budget hostels, instead of the local buses and sleeping in basic dormitory bunk beds. Melbourne backpacker hostels even have hip bars or nightclubs, so the flashpacker doesn’t even have to step out of their comfort zone to go out at night.

These days, it's practically obligatory for the Melbourne budget hostel to provide WiFi Internet access to their guests. Along with your GPS device embedded in your mobile phone, you're never really lost.

So you're as tech-savvy as James Bond but the question is, are you having any adventure? Never lost or uncomfortable? You have to admit there is a certain charm of actually trying to eat, live and travel like the locals – especially when staying at Melbourne’s best budget accommodation. Carrying too many valuables like computers and cameras will also eventually limit your freedom with the fear of being robbed.

Everything has two sides. The art of carrying only the absolute necessities on your back and being unreachable is also priceless.