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Backpackers hostel accommodation will likely take the biggest portion from your travel budget. You’re also likely to spend more time searching for backpacker accommodation in Melbourne more than any other aspect of your holiday plans. If you can save expenses on reserving your backpacker hostel online, you’ll also save money on the total budget for your trip. Most professional travel agencies understand the problems that backpacker hostels could potentially make when planning a holiday – location, rates, availability – and therefore do everything within their possible best to research the various types of budget hostel or group accommodation available throughout Melbourne.

So do your own homework, and research the broad range of backpacker hostels that Melbourne has to offer. Check prices and rates, features and amenities, and pay close attention to the location of each Melbourne backpackers. You’ll find budget hostel accommodation in Melbourne that will fit your budget – easy! To make the most of your time – just find us at Habitat HQ for all your backpackers needs.

But once you’ve completed your online research and found some backpackers hostels that appeal to you, visit their website and double check the prices, rooms and facilities. Even look around at independent sites offering reviews and ratings. This will provide you the assurance that you’re getting what you want. Remember that most budget hostels don’t want to be short-changed and be charged commission by the ‘middle-men’ websites, or even travel agents that might want to inflate prices to earn a little extra on the side.