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Melbourne is a great city to base yourself whilst traveling around Victoria. Victoria is the state in which Melbourne is situated, and has a great range of sites and activities to see and take part in. Backpackers Melbourne will be able to show you the options for travel within Victoria.

Phillip Island is a charming island with some big tourist attractions like the penguin parade and the Motor Racing Grand Prix. It is a great place to go for a short break, relax and be one with nature. Phillip Island is located about 90 minutes away from Melbourne, and is linked to the mainland by a bridge connecting the town of San Remo to the island town of Newhaven. Once you have arrived there are plenty of accommodations for staying overnight on the island. Hotels are located in the main township of Cowes and other towns on the island. Beach side apartments can be found on the islands seaside villages. Resorts, camping sites and caravan rentals also allow guests different ways of experiencing the island.

Phillip Island draws over 3.5 million tourists each year and the primary reason for that is the penguin parade. The penguin parade allows visitors a chance to see the world's smallest species of penguins up close. Australia is one of the few places in the world where this species of penguin is found. At the Phillip Island Nature Park, an area has been set aside specifically for viewing. Just after the sun sets down, the fairy penguins as they are often called return from fishing in the sea to their sand dune burrows. You can witness as the penguins return to the island in groups; the entire process lasts about 50 minutes.

This is also one of Victoria’s great surf spots. At some stages in the year Phillip Island sees large ocean swell, which both local and international surfers like to take advantage. If this sounds like a holiday you would enjoy speak to backpackers Melbourne to arrange a tour or transport to Phillip Island.