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Thursday, 31st Mar - Friday, 15th Apr

When travelling Australia on a shoe-string budget, and hoping to explore Melbourne in an affordable manner, you may wonder how to find the best backpackers hostel in Melbourne. So get online to those travel websites and think creatively so that you can find excellent Melbourne hostel accommodation without breaking the bank.

First, you must consider the location of Melbourne’s best backpacker’s hostel. The closer you are to Melbourne’s CBD or city centre, the more expensive you expect your room or bed to be. If you’re looking for extra services, like a travel concierge desk or a bar, you should also consider the increased price. There’s a balancing act you might need to do when booking hostel accommodation in Melbourne. You might need to balance how close you are to all the tourist hotspots and all the actions, with what services and amenities you’re willing to pay for.

Also consider what time of the year you’re planning to visit Melbourne and book your budget accommodation. If it’s during the ‘high season’ when most backpackers flock to Melbourne, like during the summer, you must be aware that there might be extra fees or surcharges, as well as limited availability. You can typically expect to pay quite a bit more for a room during this period which often runs from the end of November to the end of March.

So tighten that wallet and jump with confidence to Habitat HQ’s website for more information on how to score a room or a bed at Melbourne’s best backpackers hostels. Book today to enhance your Melbourne holiday experience.