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Backpacking in Australia is a dream come true with everything that is needed for a perfect getaway, escape or retreat in the wilderness, visit to the coast or exploring one of its wonderful metropolitan cities. Budget hostel accommodation is a phrase that has been traditionally used to signify a mediocre style of international travel that is self-sufficient and self-contained. It was a way in which people could travel on a low-cost budget, and in the past, the accommodation matched the low-cost with low standards. This is no longer the case, with most budget hostel accommodation appearing more like group boutique hostels rather than run down dorms. The features that were previously exclusive to hotels or travel agents such as passenger transportation, such as: taxi cab, car pool, buses, ferries, trams, or trains are now all part and parcel of hostel traveling.

Budget hostel accommodation offer a low cost option for lodging. Guests can chose from an option of room specifications. These include bunk bed dormitories, single rooms, share rooms, private and shared bathrooms. The shared rooms are often categorized into male and female rooms, but this is not always the case. The great thing about budget hostel accommodation is the social aspect. Guests have a shared lounge or socializing area, as well as kitchen facilities in which they are able to use the facilities and utensils. Hostels offer a great way to stay somewhere at reasonable prices whilst enjoying the travel experience of meeting other travelers.