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Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what people enjoy more – great holidays or great holiday deals. Everyone has their holiday budget niggling in the back of their minds, and when planning a trip, the two biggest splurges are hostel reservations and the air tickets.

Finding low airfares and cheap Melbourne hostel accommodation can help stretch that travel budget a little further. These days, researching your trip on the countless discount travel websites available will often save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Consider when researching the various available flight specials and Melbourne hostel deals, the timing of your trip and your own flexibility with those dates – it can have a huge impact on the final cost of your holiday. When travelling, there are certain factors in your control – others are simply beyond your reach.

Some malleable factors that can influence your travel budget are: the day of the week you travel, the time of the day you choose to fly, the days of the week you will be in a Melbourne hostel and when you book your travel.

One of the most important considerations when booking flights and Melbourne budget hostel accommodation is knowing when to make the booking. It’s a little similar to gambling as airfares and Melbourne hostel rates are constantly changing.

If you choose to book your trip early, many travel agencies will often reward you with better pricing and substantial discounts. You can then relax and focus on packing and saving some extra cash for your trip.

However, most people will tell you that if they had waited and booked their flight or Melbourne hostel room at the last minute, they might have saved a fortune. Sometimes even calling the airline or Melbourne hostel result in a discount, even if you have already paid a deposit or paid in full in advance. Nevertheless, knowing your holiday plans have been confirmed will give you more peace of mind.

But wait too late and you might miss out! Travellers who decide to wait to book a room at their favourite Melbourne backpackers hostel might find that the best backpackers hostel in Melbourne is booked out! That's where the gambling aspect of last minute Melbourne hostel reservations comes into play.