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Some people want to visit Melbourne and overdraft their credit card in the process of “living it up”. Others are looking for the best hostel Melbourne offers so that they can use their budgeted "spending cash" in the most productive way possible. 

This article is written for those of you who are in search of budget hostel accommodation in Melbourne. Melbourne in particular has countless budget hostels to choose from with a broad range of rates. Unfortunately, even a “budget motel” can start at $99 AUD per night. It can be very frustrating to see the majority of your holiday stash go to airfare and lodging, especially when you want to be able to go out on the town in Melbourne, delighting in the sights and relishing the night life.

Lucky for you, Melbourne harbors a little known secret that will help you find a fantastic way to save money on your next trip this bustling Aussie capital. This special travel deal is… Habitat HQ hostel! It’s hands-down the best hostel in Melbourne.

A backpackers hostel in Melbourne is a low-budget accommodation that usually caters to a fun, easy-going crowd. An apt description of a backpackers hostel is that it’s a mix between a roadside motel and a dormitory. Most hostels offer dorm-style rooms (with bunk-beds) or private rooms. Here is one of the reasons why this the most affordable budget accommodation Melbourne offers: the dorm-style rooms are CHEAP! Some are as affordable as $30 AUD per night! High quality, clean and safe accommodation in the heart of Melbourne’s best of everything for only that little? Can’t get better than that!

Let's be honest, most Melbourne tourists spend minimal time in their hotel rooms. There is so many exciting attractions and picturesque tours, that many backpackers only sleep, shower and change clothes in their hotel room – only to go out again! If this is you, then have a think about the extra cash you would save to spend on doing things, rather than accommodation.

As with most Melbourne budget accommodations, location will play into the price per night. There are countless backpacker hostels throughout Melbourne – however none can compare to Habitat Hq Backpackers Hostel. For the price, convenience and service, this budget accommodation is truly the best hostel Melbourne affords its guests.