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Budget hostel accommodation isn’t permanent, nor is it luxury. It can be for one or two nights, a week or three weeks. It may even need to be for a few months. Such backpacker hostels can easily be found if you know where to look. The best way to source Melbourne’s best backpackers hostel is online, but you can also look in the phone book or enquire at your travel agent.

Habitat HQ is one of the nicest places for budget accommodation in Melbourne. Breakfasts are usually included, and there is a vibrant social scene during the nights. These backpacker hostels are ideal for short stays of one night or a week, when a person might be out and travel about the city all day long. Excellently located budget hostels, like Habitat HQ, allow you to experience the Australian culture like a local, living in a bohemian neighbourhood; something that most backpackers would be hungry to experience.

Many students that travel prefer to stay in backpackers hostels in Melbourne and across Australia. Occasionally, students stay in such budget hostel accommodation because not all university students can reside on campus. Many students and backpackers elect to rent a flat or even a home with friends, but they’re missing out on the thriving social nightlife that’s trademark to Melbourne’s best backpacker hostels. Moreover, living in cramped quarters of a flat, and sharing amenities sometimes result in personality clashes that are strong enough to create an unpleasant atmosphere. So avoid being dissatisfied and book yourself in to Habitat HQ, Melbourne’s stylish and best budget accommodation.

Such backpackers accommodation also provides a fully equipped kitchen and comprehensive laundry facilities. Living at a backpackers hostel in Melbourne, you would be responsible for your own cooking and cleaning, just as you would be in your own home. Budget hostels in Melbourne provide a clean and comfortable place to stay that’s much nicer and more sociable than a hotel room, motel or caravan park.