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A traveller who carries everything on their back, except for the kitchen sink, is labeled a backpacker. The art of arranging everything you need and being able to fit it in your backpack is a technique learnt and struggled with for decades. Backpacks don’t have much room for everything, so the backpacker must choose its contents carefully, taking only the essentials. However, at the same time, a backpacker lugs about their backpacker from hostel to hostel, so it should not weight too much. Luggage exhaustion should never be an excuse for backpacker tiredness.

A backpacker is a frugal traveller, open to the world but limited by their small budget. Where to stay, how much will it cost, where to eat, how to go are very common questions for the backpacker.

Backpackers should ask people who have already experienced backpacker hostels, or search through online forums, where backpackers share their experiences and tell tales about Melbourne budget hostels they visited during their trip. One can post any questions there, such as what is the best hostel in Melbourne? (The answer: Habitat HQ!). Their valuable answers will allow a backpacker to make informed decisions about their travels. One can also buy Lonely Planet Melbourne, the famous guidebook, in which you can find a lot of budget hostel accommodation for all types of backpackers.

Some backpackers enjoy the solitude that accompanies travelling alone, however we suggest group travel when visiting Melbourne. Traveling alone can be very challenging, and sharing the Melbourne experience with others can be a highlight of your trip. Also, you might get better group accommodation deals in Melbourne, because many backpacker hostels offer better deals if you reserve in bulk.