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Shapes and Sizes of Melbourne’s Backpacker Hostels

Melbourne’s busy backpacker hostels, such as HQ Habitat, lean more towards the social and fun aspect of Melbourne city living, offering information about pubs, clubs, shopping and tours of the city. Some of these budget hostels have no curfew and are open 24 hours, every day. The bigger the Melbourne backpacker hostel, and the closer it is to Melbourne’s night-life hotspots, the bigger and more focused the social life.

Backpacker hostels in country Victoria are of a very different nature. These hostellers want to experience the ‘bush’ through walking or hiking, and probably go to sleep earlier, wakeup earlier and like the quiet of the countryside!

How long can I stay in a hostel?

Some backpacker hostels prefer you stay less than a couple of weeks, but many others will not mind if you stay longer: after all, you are indeed a customer! Some budget accommodations require you to prove that you are an international traveller, as they don’t want their hostel to be full of locals!

Group bookings

Not every budget hostel is ideal for group bookings, since some are too small to cater for group accommodation. We recommend you to book well in advance, so that you’ll be sure to find room for everyone in your group.

What kind of facilities are available in hostels?

Most of Melbourne’s backpacker hostels will offer a laundry room, a telephone, some sort of internet connection (either Wifi or connected to a central computer), lockers for your valuables, and some complimentary breakfast. Some, like HQ Habitat, will offer even more, so check out the website for details.