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Melbourne Hostel FAQ Guide

Melbourne Backpacker Hostel Rooms: Dorms or Private?

Melbourne’s backpacker hostels offer two different types of lodging – dorms and private double rooms. A budget hostel’s dormitory is a room with several beds (often bunk beds), which can be booked individually online or by phone.

Some budget accommodation calls this a shared room, since you share the room with other guests (often strangers). Dorms can vary from 4 to 20 or more beds, and some backpacker hostels have separate dorms for males and females, while others choose not to make a difference and offer mixed dorms for sleeping.

A Melbourne backpacker hostel dormitory are often significantly cheaper than their private rooms, and require the budget hostel guest to be a bit more adaptable, since your roommates may go to sleep or wake up earlier or later than you do, have different habits than you, or snore...

But backpacker dorms are a lot fun, since it's much easier to get to know fellow travellers when sharing a room with them! After all, the loss in privacy is outweighed by many social advantages.

While dorms were the default option of most Melbourne backpacker hostels years ago, most budget accommodations now also offer private rooms, which usually have 2 to 4 beds, sometimes even with an en-suite bathroom. In this case, staying in one of Melbourne’s backpacker hostels is very similar to staying in a normal hotel, apart from all of the social chances you will have during communal moments (breakfast, evening, etc.).