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The Social Life of Melbourne Backpacker Hostels

Melbourne’s backpacker hostels are definitely the place for socialising. Since the budget accommodation’s guests are mostly younger people, there are plenty of ways to learn more about other travellers. Some backpacker hostels in Melbourne host parties, meetings or competitions, or have a bar onsite where people can meet and chat to fellow guests.

Those that stay at backpacker hostels in Melbourne are generally more interested in meeting other people than your average tourist. Many people travelling across Australia choose to travel alone, and rely on budget hostels to meet and make friends and acquaintances.

Just be sure to remember that the people you meet might hold different opinions to yours, so be prepared to be tolerant and understanding. No doubt the hostelling experience this will enrich you and broaden your perspective. So if you go to a budget hostel in Melbourne, expect to meet new friends, (especially if you share similar languages) and beam your brightest smiling face. You never know, you might make the best friendships of your life!

Melbourne: Backpackers Hostel vs Hotel

There are several types of budget hostel accommodation in Melbourne, and many of them have their unique characteristics – some are more like standard budget hotels, and some are a completely different experience. The main difference is that most Melbourne backpacker hostels offer budget accommodation in dormitories, or shared rooms. Dorms can range from big to small rooms, cater for same-sex or co-ed groups – but the premise of dorms is that the hostel guest shares their room with strangers.

Although many of Melbourne’s best hostels provide private rooms with en-suite facilities, the atmosphere differs significantly to a standard Melbourne hotel or motel. Hotel facilities cater to the individual and ensure their customers have a comfortable place to spend the night. Backpackers hostels, on the other hand, create a more social atmosphere by installing shared dining tables, shared washing machines and kitchens with other guests.

Many of Melbourne’s backpacker hostels organise parties and excursions for their guests, and run activities out of their bar, where travellers can socialise and meet like-minded travellers. Sharing information about Melbourne and Victoria would most likely happen in a budget hostel accommodation, as it often is a more conducive environment to receive advice and tips from fellow travellers and locals.

Basically, budget hostel accommodation are generally a good place to meet and make friends from distant countries, and exchange tips on clubs, museums, shows, shopping and favourite Melbourne outings.