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Melbourne Hostels VS Melbourne Hotels

There is less privacy in a Melbourne backpacker hostel rather than in a hotel. Sharing a room to sleep, and space with stranger can daunt a tourist. This type of budget accommodation might not suit those who hold privacy in high esteem. Yet for those travellers who seek a social atmosphere, Melbourne’s budget hostels are recommended.

Theft can be a setback to any holiday, and there is security for your valuables in both backpacker hostels and standard hotels. While guests share a mutual room in a backpackers hostel, such budget accommodation provides exclusive lockers and other methods for protecting expensive items.

For some, hostels are too noisy during the night. Sound can be a problem when sharing a room with many people. Snoring, sexual movements, and the comings and goings can be quite unsettling and disturbing when trying to rest. Yet this challenge can possibly be resolved by wearing some earplugs.

The conventional Melbourne backpackers hostel set up includes dormitory style housing with single, double or quad accommodation.

The features of these budget accommodations have changed course throughout the years. Some backpackers hostels still insist on a curfew or time restriction, day shut outs, or chores, this is turning out to be a unique exclusion rather than the norm.

Australia offers a wide variety of backpacker hostels all across the country – but the best hostel is Melbourne’s HQ Habitat. Most of these budget hostels offer cheap and low-cost rates to backpackers, travellers and tourists on a low-budget trip.

Booking with HQ Habitat, Melbourne’s best backpackers hostel, would be the perfect travel solution to a low-budget vacation to Australia. Budget accommodation should never be an obstacle in reaching your dreams in exploring the rich beauty of spectacular Australia.