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Melbourne has plenty of backpacker hostels. These hostels are the preferred choice of budget accommodation, as the social atmosphere, affordable rates and central location enhances your Melbourne experience.

Melbourne’s backpacker hostels are often quite simple with shared dorm-type rooms and shared bathrooms. Usually there is one central kitchen area and some backpackers offer en-suite rooms with far more comforts. The main benefit of HQ Habitat is that it’s central and close to all Melbourne’s sights and attractions.

Backpacker hostels are an excellent place to meet and make close friends from so may different backgrounds and cultures. You cab swap specifics on destinations, clubs, shopping and events.

Most backpacker hostel guests are pleased that they've saved money on food and met other travellers in a non-threatening environment. Melbourne’s budget accommodation frees up a bit of cash for you to spend across the city.

Backpacker hostels are great option when preparing to travel on a tight budget. Budget hostels are now particularly popular – especially Melbourne’s best hostel, HQ Habitat. Backpacker hostels offer a number of facilities in achieving a relaxed social atmosphere, including communal kitchens, bathrooms, lounge areas, food, laundry, TV and Wifi internet connection.

Smart travellers choose to stay in backpacker hostels and receive countless benefits that enhance their Aussie trip. While staying at backpacker hostels in Melbourne, a traveller rents a bed instead of a whole room, they share the bathroom with others, shares the kitchen, and lounges with other guests, and therefore learns to live together with other people. It makes travelling more fun, more engaging, and less lonely.