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There are so many things that the frugal traveler has to remember in order to get the best deal. Most employees work hard and put time and effort into their jobs throughout the year, in order to afford a short break from their routine to travel. So it’s easy to see why finding the best travel deal – including the best budget accommodation in Melbourne – is so important.

The evolving world of budget travel is exciting, interesting, challenging and rewarding. However the more and more financial crises, traveling on a budget nowadays becomes more of a necessity. 

No doubt airfares rack up the most money when calculating a budget for travel. It’s the biggest expense – especially for those who fly halfway across the world to visit Australia. Airfare costs total at least half the cost of the entire trip. We always search for the best flight deals, but when petrol costs and taxes are skyrocketing, budget travelers have a money-saver they can always rely on – cheap budget accommodation in Melbourne.

The following tips are a great way to stretch your dollar across Melbourne and back, making your vacation more valuabe without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Be sure to shop around, either on the internet or inquiring at local travel agencies. Every site and agency access their own special sales and discounts, so quantity is everything!

  2. Consider traveling during the off season or shoulder season. The same backpacker hostels that are overbooked and expensive during the high season are often available at excellent and much more affordable prices beyond the peak traveling time. Furthermore, off season travel offers the advantage of smaller crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere, making your Melbourne stay a pleasure.

  3. Think about group travel. Many budget hostels in Melbourne offer discounts for group accommodation, so gather a bunch of friends or family members, experience Melbourne and save money!

  4. Sometimes last minute deals are the best option for budget travel. Retirees, students and those with flexible employment can take advantage of some spectacular last minute deals. Melbourne backpacker hostels often discount their rooms significantly to avoid the expense of lost revenue.

  5. Look into package deals specifically tailored for budget travellers. For many destinations, including Melbourne, package deals can be significantly less expensive than making your own arrangements. While enjoying the safety and security of a group, you often stay in group accommodation, such as Habitat HQ.

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to give up the excitement and adventure of a great trip. Spend wisely, be on the lookout for the best hostel in Melbourne, Habitat HQ, and seek out the countless opportunities Melbourne possesses for the inquisitive and frugal traveler.