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Perhaps you are a sporting enthusiast. Or perhaps you are a group of sporting enthusiasts, and you are looking for the next great city to immerse yourself in its sporting scene. Well, look no further Melbourne is the great city for your group! Australians are sports crazy. You can strike up a conversation with anyone in the city if you mention one of the sporting events or local sporting teams. Australian Football League also known as the AFL is Melbourne’s great sport. Though there are teams across the country, most are based in Melbourne and the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is the home ground for AFL. This is a winter sport and a great sporting event to experience when in Melbourne.

If you are traveling in a group, it’s important to find suitable group accommodation in Melbourne. A hostel is an ideal way to travel when you are in a large group. This way, you can rent out an entire dorm room and have everyone together. Don't fall for the stigma that you will be staying in a substandard form of group accommodation in Melbourne. A stay at a backpacker hotel or hostel can be equally wonderful as at any hotel and with cooking facilities and on-site entertainment, which typically includes TV, internet, and many times even a game room and a pool. You will be able to come home at the end of a great day at sporting events and share the experience with others in the hostel.