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St Kilda’s Backpackers are the Best Hostels in Melbourne

Have you considered staying in budget hostel accommodation instead of a Melbourne hotel? Popular with backpackers and younger travellers, these rooms are often booked at rock-bottom prices, but lack many of the comforts that other types of Melbourne budget accommodation would. In order to find the best backpacker hostel to suit your needs and price-range, do some research and pick up reputable travel guides to make your Melbourne holiday experience worthwhile.

If you’d like to get a great affordable deal on a room at one of Melbourne’s best backpacker hostels, consider booking online. There are often excellent packages available if you book through a student travel agency that combines airfares and budget accommodation bookings for your Melbourne trip. Also, if you include car rental you can find that you make significant savings. Be aware that during the high peak season, deals and specials are usually much more scarce.

Melbourne’s backpacker accommodation is spread throughout the city and the nearby inner suburbs. There is an excellent public transport system of trains, buses and trams. Don’t feel as if you’re missing out if you don’t book a backpackers hostel in downtown Melbourne – often the best hostels in Melbourne are in St Kilda – like Habitat HQ. Moreover, Habitat HQ, while being ideally located near sumptuous dining options, provides a fully equipped kitchenette. You can save money by preparing your own food rather than eating at restaurants. This affordability may mean you can even book a private room at a reputable backpacker hostel in Melbourne.

Whatever your decision, you should know that there is a backpackers hostel in Melbourne for any taste or budget. Bon voyage!