Tuesday, 18th Jan

There are some important things to keep in mind when booking a backpackers hostel in Melbourne. First time visitors to Australia are often caught unaware when reserving budget accommodation in Melbourne. Below is a list of things to consider when booking budget hostel accommodation anywhere.

Your budget hostel accommodation should be clean, but basic. In most hostels the surroundings will not be fancy or luxurious, however they will be functional and clean.

The rooms at a backpackers hostel will most likely be small, and storage space may be limited at best. Nevertheless, better backpackers hostels, such as Habitat HQ, provide complimentary luggage storage for those extra suitcases filled with the fruits of a Melbourne shopping.

The least expensive rooms will have bathroom and shower facilities located down the hall, while the more expensive rooms may have an in room bathroom and tub.
 Habitat HQ offers both dorm-style options for those traveling on a shoe-string, as well as private ensuites for those who like a little luxury. But remember - a room that has only a shower will usually be cheaper than one that has a bathtub as well. If this is important to you, be sure to ask about the bathroom facilities when making your reservation.

Rooms equipped with double beds are usually cheaper than those with twin beds. 
All of Habitat HQ’s private rooms are equipped with a queen size bed for you comfort and convenience.

If you have a car during your stay in Melbourne, there is almost always an extra charge for parking. If you inquire at other Melbourne backpackers hostel, be sure to ask about the parking charge when making your reservation. You’ll love to discover that Habitat Hq offers free parking to all their guests!

Remember to buy a good map of Melbourne, and make sure your budget hostel is centrally located. Choosing a backpackers hostel close to all the action, like Habitat HQ, will save you both time and money for transportation, and will generally make your stay in Melbourne more fun.

Lastly, when booking your budget accommodation in Melbourne, be sure the quoted price includes all taxes and fees, so you aren’t surprised when you check out of your hostel. We don’t want you to say goodbye to Melbourne on a bad note!