Tuesday, 18th Jan - Friday, 18th Feb

Many first time visitors to Australia wrongly assume that a holiday Down Under is beyond their means – yet this is far from true!

One of the main expenses of travel is accommodation, but it is possible to find budget hostel accommodations that are clean, safe and located in the heart of Melbourne.

A little known secret in discovering affordable budget hostel accommodations when traveling across Australia is to ask the local volunteer at each area’s information centre for their suggestions in affordable budget accommodation. In Melbourne, many refer travelers to the most popular backpacker accommodation hub – St Kilda.

Booking services can reserve you a bed or a room in a backpackers hostel for a small fee. These booking services can be very valuable, especially if you’re not familiar with the language, or have difficulty understanding Australian accents. While you might not have planned ahead, you will most definitely find a bed in a budget hostel in Melbourne.

The arrivals area at Melbourne International has numerous booking desks to help travelers without reservations find budget accommodation in Melbourne. Just have a local map of Melbourne handy so you don't find yourself stranded at a hostel in the middle of the suburbs, while wanting to be in the city, close to the action. For those lucky travelers that choose to stay 3 nights or more at Habitat Hq Hostel in Melbourne, a complimentary airport transfer is available. Bookings are essential.

So save those extra dollars and spend them on exploring Australia’s cultural capital – come discover Melbourne’s best hostel in the heart of St Kilda, Habitat Hq.