Tips for Fun and Safe Overseas Backpacking Trips: Destination Melbourne

Friday, 1st Oct - Saturday, 31st Dec

The decision to take a backpacking trip overseas is a big one, and you are in for an amazing adventure. Backpacking in a place like Melbourne, Australia often brings surprises and wonderful experiences. If you are fairly new to travelling overseas then there are some things you should be aware...

Things You Need When Backpacking

Friday, 1st Oct - Saturday, 31st Dec

Budget travel is often associated with backpacking. Backpacks give travellers the mobility and flexibility that they need. 

You rarely see backpackers toting around laptop computers hence, you see a lot of them frequenting internet cafes. Even if you have one, why would you carry it around with...

Your Basic Backpacking Gear

Friday, 1st Oct - Saturday, 31st Dec

Backpacking gear involves far more than hiking on a trail in the park for the day. Enthusiasts will tell you that you need more than a daypack to carry your equipment.
The market for specialized backpacking gear varies widely these days and depends very much on the type of tour you'll be going...

Travel Tips For Business Men: How to Pack Shirt, Suits, and Ties

Friday, 1st Oct - Saturday, 31st Dec

Is keeping your suits and shirts wrinkle free a big problem for your business travels? Here are some tips to help you manage your travel wardrobe. Whether you are used to travelling for business or you are travelling for the first time with suits and ties, these tips will help you protect your...

Early Years and Importance of Cheap Accommodation

Friday, 1st Oct - Saturday, 31st Dec

We are taking a look back at the evolution of the current ‘hostel’ or ‘backpackers’ and considering these options as accommodation in the city of Melbourne.

Most people see cheap motels in films that illustrate the macho type image. Motels initially existed in 1925. After World War II,...

Advantages outshine inconvenience for many hostel guests

Wednesday, 25th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

No matter where in the world you want to go on holidays, it is likely there will be a budget hostel accommodation option, helping you stick to your budget. Travellers to Victoria will find a range of backpacker hostels in Melbourne.

More than cheap rooms, backpackers hostels help you...

Budget hostel accommodation is a brilliant New York travel deal

Tuesday, 24th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

Most people visiting New York City are looking for a travel deal that does not blow their budget.

In most large cities, including New York City, around the world, there is a badly-kept secret that will help you save money to spend on having fun: that secret is to book into a backpacker’s...

Try a hostel for the most affordable New York City accommodation

Tuesday, 24th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

Some people want to visit New York City, but end up spending a lot of money in the process of "living it up". The smart traveller will look for the best budget hostel accommodation New York City provides so that they can use their trip money on more important things.

New York City has...

Hostels versus luxury hotels

Tuesday, 24th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

Honeymoons, long holidays and trips with the family are often very difficult to organise in advance, what with people changing their minds at the last minute or circumstances changing beyond your control.

Remember though, it is always cheapest to book in advance and is always great to...

Travel on a budget - stay in a backpackers hostel

Tuesday, 24th Aug - Saturday, 31st Dec

Staying in budget accommodation or a backpackers hostel is no longer just for the university crowd, and now includes people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are a traveller on a budget, staying in budget hostel accommodation can be an adventure that will add to your travel experience.