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Preparation is part of the fun before a trip. You can get a feel for the cities you are going to visit, and the types of activities you will be doing and sites you will be seeing. There are a few options with regards to booking and researching your trip. Traditionally, most people would go to a travel agent and spend lengthy sessions talking about where to go and where to stay. You were advised from the agents themselves, or from the brochures they had on hand. Nowadays, with the world at our fingertips, you are able to maximise your research via the Internet. This is especially helpful when you are looking for backpackers hostels in Melbourne.

When you attempt to search the web by typing a generic phrase such as ‘cheap hotels’, you will be bombarded with millions of results. The responses may not necessarily be completely suited to what you are looking for. It is better to put in a more targeted phrase such as ‘backpackers hostel in Melbourne’. This way you will get the top responses for that specific location. There are specific sites for booking backpackers hostels in Melbourne, such as or others which provide a comparison of different options. Make sure that it is a reputable site, with all sorts of up to date information about the hostel as well as images.

Most hostel websites will allow you to at least make an enquiry in regards to room rates or availability. Even better, are sites that allow you to make a booking. This way you know that you have a place in the hostel before arriving.