Often missed by tourists, Melbourne's laneways are a veritable treasure of bars, restaraunts, galleries and boutiques.

Degraves Street & Centre Place:

Melbourne’s love affair with coffee explores its roots in the many European-inspired cafes crammed almost comfortably into the narrow streets.

Flinders Lane:

The quintessential and original Melbourne laneway. where the old home of the city’s rag trade now abounds with boutiques selling fashion by emerging designers.

Hardware Lane & Goldie Place:

With architecture remaining from the early 1900’s these two lanes are perfect for great meals and jazz clubs. For a chilled out night, this is the place to be.

Croft Alley:

Hard to find but satisfying! One of the more interesting places to have a drink, you won’t believe it until you see it! While you're there, check out The Croft Institute.

Graffiti Art in the Laneways:

It may look scary at first but these colourful and well placed references to popular culture and youth subcultures dominate the concrete walls of tiny Hosier Lane, Rutledge Lane, Caledonian Croft Alley, Duckboard Place and ACDC lane. For art that’s free and sure to surprise you, you cannot avoid the laneways!