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333 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda 3182 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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Cheap, Delicious and Unique spots to eat in St Kilda

We all need to eat. It’s just one of those things that everyone needs to do to survive, and when you’re travelling and on a budget, you need to find cheap, good places to eat. This is where we come in, to not only help save you money, but to make sure your Mum stops calling and annoying you with questions about eating well!

It’s lucky for you that Melbourne has some of the best food in the world, and you can eat out for under $10 every day. Sounds crazy I know, but believe me, it’s true! So to make life easier, and to take the thinking out of it for you, we’ve compiled a few places around the St. Kilda area to get fed on the cheap.

For some of the cheapest and best pizza you’ll ever try, you can’t go past LUCKY COQ on Chapel Street. It’s a favourite pub among locals and travellers alike, and they have incredible pizza for only $4. Yes, $4. And it’s seriously good too, not like those dodgy slices you buy at 4am in the morning on your way home from a night out, it’s a decent size and more than worth the price!

If it’s Asian food you feel like, just around the corner from us on Carlisle Street you’ll find a great Vietnamese place called UNCLE where you can tuck into an authentic bowl of Pho for only $7 for the mini serve, which is definitely enough to fill you up. It’s full of flavour and the best hangover cure you’ll ever find. True.

For a little Mexican feast, RADIO MEXICO just near Acland Street is a St. Kilda institution that must be visited, and their $7 Taco’s are delicious! It has great atmosphere, it’s healthy, and it’s cheap – what else could you ask for? They also serve a tasty selection of beers for those of you who want to splash out a little.

And our number one place for an unbelievably healthy, satisfying meal is an awesome little place called LENTIL AS ANYTHING. It’s a not for profit place run by volunteers, and there is no set menu or prices. All you do is go in, choose what you would like to eat, enjoy the experience and then decide what you feel you would like to pay - as much or as little as you think. There are no rules, just your own conscience to deal with and that guy can be hard to run from…

Happy Eating!

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