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“Yeeeeeeah, nah”, What is the meaning of this great Aussie saying

There’s an old Australian proverb that goes like this;

“Yeeeeeeah, nah”.

This is one of Australians finest linguistic phrases. Shakespeare has even written something similar, “To be, or not to be”.

This is a common phrase you may hear when travelling through Australia, which could have two meanings;

1) They kind of understand what you’re saying, but they don’t agree,


- “Can’t wait to have a nice cold VB”

- “Yeah naaah, I’d prefer a Carlton”

2) They don’t really give a sh*t about the topic of conversation.


- “Did you watch Juventus last night??”

- “ Yeah nah, I went straight to sleep”

To go with this phrase, the accent that goes with it is also important. Someone once said, the Australian accent came about because when the British came over, it was too hot so they had to speak much more slowly. So when these two words are spoken, it is important to really lengthen the two words, and if possible sound the vowels out through your nose.

Happy Travels! x

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