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333 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda 3182 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

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Australian Open - We love it!

I am not an avid sport goer. I get a very vague feeling of anticipation around the AFL grand final. If I’m to go to any sporting game, I tend to go for the team with the best colours. The only reason I know when an important soccer (*football) game has been on is because I see bodies passed out in the T.V. room after having stayed up all night to watch a game.However, I love the Australian Open. I love it.

To start with, I enjoy the sport. As I have attempted to play the sport myself, I know how hard it is to whack a forehand from the baseline and then have to sprint and hit a back hand volley. Let alone return a serve that is flying at you 100km+. Yet they manage. I love the anticipation of a long rally, and sometimes you’re treated to some fancy shots under the leg.I enjoy watching the idiosyncrasies of each tennis player. Their distinctive pre-game rituals, or a certain number of bounces before each serve. I enjoy the animation in a player when they win a game point; or the tennis tantrums when they don’t. On the contrary I enjoy the poker face of the linesmen and the trepidation of a ball boy. I love the collective gasps, oohs and aahs from the crowd.And the best of all is the atmosphere, which is always buzzing! Everyone is happy in their umbrella hats or sipping a Carlsberg beer. There may be a few unhappy tennis goers because of the heat, but once they get to the fans with water they’re aces also. Not only is there tennis to entertain you, but a beer garden with live music, or activities like testing how fast you can serve. There are lots of stalls where you can get free samples, yes, free! This year they have even extended the festivities to Birrarung Mar (which is free to access), where there is big screens to watch the tennis, food vans, and again, general good times.Do yourself a favour and go to the Australian Open, you’ll absolutely love it!

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