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Top 5 tips to find a Job!

Looking to work while you are here on holiday? Yes, and so is about everyone else. So please make use of these guidelines to help you stand out above the rest, and get the job. Some of these might seem like common sense but, if we only had a coin for every time we see a backpacker not get the job because they failed to follow any one these simple rules...

Adjust Your Schedule

Yes, this means you will have to cut back on the long nights of splitting a box of goon with your travel buddies. Let us be frank, the business need to see that you are responsible and getting up early is a major indicator you take work seriously. Take a day off from the debauchery and head out early with copies of your CV so they have time to land into the right person’s hands by the end of the day. Even heaps of cafe and restaurant managers are known to be around early because that is when things get done. It is no wonder the same people calling their mum for money are those who stay up to 6 in the morning and wake up at 4pm. The world won’t change its schedule for you, so it is up to you to change for them

Become Contactable

If you just arrived in Australia, one of the first things you should do is get an Aussie phone or sim card. If you do not have an Aussie phone number, it is highly unlikely you will get a job. Australians still like to conduct their businesses over the phone, especially at the initial hiring phase. So if you think you are perfect for the job, then they might too, so have a number they can reach you at to proceed to the next step. This also will help when you run into the girl/guy of your dreams, a phone number shows more seriousness than telling them to find you on Facebook.

Dress to Impress

No matter what line of work you are going into, it is always wise to have a couple nice outfits to wear. We suggest one comfortable, casual but professional outfit for job hunting and another more professional one for interviews. Job hunting is when you walk around with a bundle of CV’s and give them to prospective employers. What you are wearing there and them might determine how that CV will be handled, and if you walked in wearing board shorts and a tank top, your chances are slim. Don’t have anything nice? Head to an op shop and get some vintage classics that will help you land a job on the cheap. Although, depending on the job and the employer, some ladies might find it advantageous to dress in less, but we do not recommend it

Update Your CV

Keep your CV as simple, clear, and concise as can be. Take out the useless data and keep the most relevant and informative information on CV, so it will be one to two pages max. If you graduated from uni, then it does not matter where you went to high school. The skills you learned at McDonald's when you were 16 might not apply to your career as an electrician. It is acceptable to have a shorter CV and a detailed cover letter or portfolio to supplement than one overstuffed CV that is hard to understand. Also, it is advisable to have multiple CV’s and cover letters depending on the type of work they are looking for, for example, if you are looking for a job in hospitality and/or retail, then you’ll have the documentation for both, but please make sure you give them the right one! Show the staff at Habitat HQ your resume for even more advice.

Follow Up

When you hand someone your CV or even submit one online, it is always best to find a way to follow up on it. Try to obtain the contact details of the person who would be responsible of the decision, and call them or email them to confirm the received it. Same for online; if there is a number on the Gumtree post as well, call it and follow through. Even if you just conducted an interview, send a thank you message to those who set it up. Such actions shows fortitude and dedication and can help you stand out from the rest.

Now hopefully these rules will help you get off on the right foot. If you want to work, and don’t even know where to start, try our Jobs webpage full of links to the most valuable resources Australia has to offer. There are even tips for regional work so you can stay Australia longer. And don’t forget, while you are here at HabitatHQ, check out the Habitat HQ Jobs Board to see if anything positions have opened up. Good Luck!

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