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333 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda 3182 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

+613 9537 3777 or 1800 202 500 (Aus. only)


[email protected]

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Would you ever call a hostel your home away from home? I’ve been in Australia for close to two years and I can’t tell you much about any other hostel in Melbourne other than Habitat HQ, located on St Kilda Road. Once you’ve stayed here, nowhere else will compare.

It’s called HQ for a reason. Everyone needs a home base, somewhere they feel safe. It isn’t the norm to live in a hostel for long periods of time. Especially in the backpacking world. But when you’re halfway across the world, it’s hard to leave a hostel that is so accommodating and central. I’ve lived in Habitat a total of four times. I’ve stayed there more than any rented apartment and that’s because they make it so easy.

I remember every single member of staff. They’re Habitat family and treat you well. Unlike some hostels I’ve stayed in, Habitat has a huge communal area, gas-lit fire and a great kitchen facility. On top of that, there’s a TV room, pool table and a spacious back yard. Another plus is how ecologically friendly they are and living there makes you conscious of your contribution to our environment.

The small things are big reminders. When staying here, you’ll get reminded in the bathrooms to not let the taps run while brushing your teeth – it’s the small things. Whenever I’ve moved out, I’ve been conscious of it and tried with the little habits I’ve learned at Habitat HQ. They also have their busy-bee honey makers, standing out even more in comparison to other hostels.

Throughout the week there are activities happening on most days and it’s an easier environment to meet friends. Most of my closest friendships in Australia were made in this hostel. Mainly because I’m not the only backpacker who treats Habitat like a home. It’s all about the people, the places and the memories when you’re travelling. Most of my memories were made in this hostel, at the cusp of St Kilda’s busy hub. Their great location is also what keeps people staying for so long.

A cliché stones-throw away from Acland Street, you’ll find spending your money is the easiest thing to do when you only have a ten-minute walk back home to Habitat.

There’s nothing like coming home to 20 odd people who feel like family when you’re in a home away from home. It’s easy to work and live here too. From tradies, hospo staff, office workers and many other professions. Of course, a hostel is still a hostel and living in Habitat HQ is a reminder to make the most of your working holiday visa.

When I talk about Australia many of my stories will be about the small things that happened within the walls of Habitat HQ and spontaneous days out in St Kilda.

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